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New free download - Remix by ako.

"Turn Around" featuring vocals by Lyndon Anderson has been remixed by the brilliantly talented ako. and is available as a free download on soundcloud

for more information on ako. head over to bandcamp and kaneda records


Latest Album "A Few Weird Little Songs"


softwhere_album_cover.jpg;br>Mon 17th Dec 2012 22:58;br>[2001 x 2001 px] 1.25Mb


"glorious poppy electronica..which only gets stronger with repeated listens "

                                                                                           The Crack magazine


This new album sees Softwhere working with some very talented North-East based artists


singer/musician Hannah Rickard; vocalist/actor Dan Higdon formerly with Toxic Kangaroo Babies;

Blues/Soul vocalist/Blues Harpist Lyndon Anderson and acoustic singer/songwriter Meghann Clancy


Here's our latest music video for the song "Night -Time"

featuring Meghann Clancy...




softwhere_vs_sonodrome_ep_art_-_myspace.jpgSOFTWHERE vs SONODROME (EP)

 New Age Wage Slave music video