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Softwhere is a studio-based UK band making varied styles of music including pop, dance, and ambient.


Nuthin' to Say Album

From pastoral drum and bass workouts to Tom Waits’ style balladeering, Softwhere refuse to be stuck in a box labelled ‘Indie’, ‘Rock’, ‘Pop’, or indeed ‘This Way Up’. They’ve got a forthcoming album out soon (July 6, fact fops) and it’ll take you on a journey to where ambience meets acoustica; quietness has an inner strength; and where poetry and fragile beats gently collide on a half-imagined, half-remembered, dreamscape plane. Yes, you heard correctly: dreamscape plane. Well-respected BBC Radio 6 DJ, Tom Robinson, is a fan and could recently be heard hurling the phrase: “Genius, sheer genius!” their way, which was nice of him. And can we also mention that the band make their own videos including a fab effort for the track Movie Man which consists of a plethora of footage from old Sherlock Holmes films. The game is afoot! DP 

"The Crack Magazine - June 2009"

Tender Robot EP

Softwhere..are not afraid to stick Daft Punk style vocals over a beautifully tinkling piano (which they do on the first track here). They’re also not afraid to write gorgeously atmospheric acoustic songs that rely entirely on the beauty of the voice (female this time, not Daft Punk style) and melody to make its point (second track); or write moody instrumentals that sound like the aural equivalent of The North Yorkshire Moors (third track); or write Wicker Man-style folky numbers (fourth track); or write dreamy soundscapes which deploy trancey beats to fine effect. In short: very good. Check ‘em: RM

"Single of the Month, The Crack Magazine - December 2009"